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The Danger of Bladder Infections

Posted by Travis & Cheryl Adlington on 22 September, 2011 at 9:40

We  were painfully reminded just recently of how important it is to completely express your dog's bladder.    Our  dog  contracted a nasty bladder infection and it was all because I simply became impatient and did not take the time to insure that his bladder was completely empty.  

If  the bladder does not empty completely,  it can become a veritable petri dish for the breeding of bacteria and a bladder infection can be the result.   Don't  panic-  it is easily cured with a short course of antibiotics,  but the point is to prevent it in the first place.  This is simply another instance as well where it pays to have a good working relationship with your vet.  They should be an integral part of your team - keep them informed of all of the happenings with your dog and be sure to include them in any decisions to be made regarding your dog's health, like prescribing antibiotics for bladder infections. Our  new upcoming videos on bladder expression emphasize these points as well.  It  is  helpful to remember that your dog is completely trusting you when you express his or her bladder, so take your time and treat your dog with respect and love.  That includes patience..  Believe me,  I know how difficult it can be when you are in a hurry on your way to work or some such other event,  but it really does not take any more time in reality to do it right.

Over time,  you will actually develop a feel for when the bladder has emptied completely-  it is not difficult and that way you can always have the peace of mind that you are giving your dog the best care.  

Categories: Health Care Tips for your Dog, General Information, New Videos Coming

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